Tim McQueen, DDS

Dentistry, Differently


Dr. Tim McQueen has called San Angelo home since 1993.

After a few years working alongside several wonderful local dentists, he began his solo practice over 23 years ago.

Tim has always adhered to a passion for dental wellness and believes in conservative treatment with integrity. He has focused primarily on adult preventative and restorative treatment. He places a unique emphasis on good diagnosis and patient comfort and facilitates patient participation in treatment decisions.

Patients benefit from his extensive experience and solid theoretical knowledge in all areas of general dentistry. The office provides preventive and periodontal treatment, fillings, crowns, bridges, partial and complete dentures, night guards, whitening, and many other services.

“We want to preserve your natural teeth for life and help you maintain optimum health.  Good dental health can literally increase the quality and length of your life. That’s dental wellness.”

“Additionally, our goal is to preserve your teeth’s natural structure, as well as allow existing restorations to last as long as possible.  That’s conservative dentistry.”

“Dental wellness and conservative dentistry. I pledge these principles to your dental care.”
-Tim McQueen DDS